LALTERNATIVECI - Mouvement politique en Côte d'Ivoire

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Who are we?

L’ALTERNATIVE-CI is a political and civic movement with one ambition: To build a secure and reconciled Ivory Coast, in peace and at work. This movement is the gathering of committed people. The gathering of the sons and daughters of Côte d’Ivoire, who are disappointed with the governance of our political predecessors for the past thirty years.

Our movement promotes an innovative and realistic social project. The main objective of our society project called LA COTE D’IVOIRE NOUVELLE, UNI ET DEVELOPPEE is to relaunch the Côte d’Ivoire development program on solid foundations, in order to make this development reassuring and sustainable.

The ALTERNATIVE-CI aims to contribute to the expression of universal suffrage while respecting the values ​​of the Republic, the fundamental principles enshrined in the Constitution, the unity of the Republic and the independence of the Nation.

Discreet, and from civil society, the movement already brings together several young leaders with recognized skills in their fields, and deans of Ivorian politics, who all aspire to a change in the Ivorian political class in 2020.

Inspired since 2010 by the ACSCI (Citizen Alliance of Ivorian Civil Society), a think tank of Ivorian intellectuals, the movement was made public on April 2, 2020 following the launch of the official Facebook page of its Leader M. Seth Koko.

Our movement will participate in the next presidential election in Côte d’Ivoire.

Our vision


  • Do politics without dividing, without hurting.
  • Only advocate the homeland, its development through hard work. Equal opportunities for all Ivorians in the labor market regardless of their political, regional, ethnic and religious sensitivities.
  • Definitely turn the page on wars after Houphouët Boigny.
  • Dreaming of a modern Ivory Coast, open to globalization While preserving its values and roots.
  • Build a secure, disciplined Ivory Coast where the Armed Forces are prioritized and rigorously managed in order to make our country a frequentable and respected territory.

Our program

The title of our company project: THE NEW, UNITED AND DEVELOPED IVORY COAST

  • Our preliminary draft of society is presented in 12 chapters.
  • 25 commissions are planned for the drafting of the final society project.

Our organization


  • The Leader of the movement
  • The General Secretariat
  • The Communication Department
  • The Porte-Parolat
  • The Directorate of Administrative and Financial Affairs (DAAF)
  • The Diplomatic Council (lobbying and financial support)
  • The Strategy Department
  • The Political Council
  • The Council for Reconciliation
  • The Direction of Relations with Emerging Dynamic Managers
  • The Social Networks Department
  • The Direction of the Diaspora
  • The Membership and Mobilization Department
  • The Women Program Directorate
  • The Directorate of the Youth and Die Program

why the alternative

To build a new, united and developed Côte d’Ivoire

Indeed, since the death in 1993 of the founding father of modern Côte d’Ivoire, the late President Houphouët Boigny, the 4 political leaders who have succeeded one another in the supreme magistracy of our country, have only been able to preserve peace, ‘he patiently succeeded in establishing.

With the advent of multiparty politics in 1990, to date, we have hoped in vain that our elders will make peace, or at least that they will create the conditions for lasting reconciliation to save Côte d’Ivoire . But the policy of revenge they have been waging for almost 30 years has opened a long period of crisis, punctuated by a coup in 1999, an armed rebellion in 2002, and a post-electoral crisis in 2011, which ended by more than 3000 dead.

The RHDP (Rally of Houphouetists for Democracy and Peace) that I supported during the 2010 electoral contests, in the hope that it reconciles the Ivorians around the mother country, also disappointed once it came to power.

Under the governance of the RHDP, many Ivorians are forced into exile, while others languish in prisons without trial. The politics of ethnic catching up, of tribalism, the misappropriation of public funds, nepotism, favoritism, clientelism and the high cost of living, once decried by the current supporters of power, punctuate the governance of the ruling party.

The majority today are Ivorians to condemn the mismanagement of the current power and to conclude that national reconciliation has failed under the RHDP.

A few months before the presidential election, the war of positioning between Guillaume Soro, Alassane Ouattara, Henri Konan Bédié and Laurent Gbagbo is raging, and is once again favoring a harmful social climate. It is in this context that yesterday’s allies of the RHDP, once they have become opponents, are busy associating with “their enemy of yesterday” the FPI – EDS of Laurent Gbagbo, to drive Alassane Ouattara from power.

However, the mode of governance of the Ouattara regime which muzzles, gags, oppresses the opposition and the population, as well as the corporalization of the Constitutional Council and the Independent Electoral Commission, brings together the ingredients of a calamitous election in October 2020.

As we can see, there is no hope of lasting peace on the horizon.

The people are hostage to these parties and leaders in endless conflicts.

Faced with this situation of uncertainty, it is more than ever necessary that a new person, far from all these political chapels with conflicts, emerge from civil society to carry the torch of change at the next electoral deadline of 2020.

2020 should reveal a Leader, rigorous, wise, hardworking and above all unifying; a person whose election will generate a new and peaceful Côte d’Ivoire, for a reassuring future.

For this, L’ALTERNATIVE-CI by Seth KOKO, is the surest pledge to see the Ivory Coast rise from the ashes for a peace and a harmonious development.

The alternative mind

This is:

The gathering of sons and daughters of Côte d’Ivoire, who are disappointed with the governance of leaders and political parties for the past 30 years.

A revolutionary movement of the new generation of Ivorian executives and intellectuals, who with a bold policy of supervision, put their skills at the service of their country for a harmonious development.

The Pardon’s victory over the wars and crimes of the past, with the adoption of a general amnesty law, in order to give a new chance to lasting peace.

Equal opportunities for all Ivorians in the labor market regardless of their political, regional, ethnic and religious sensitivities. This is why all ethnic groups and all regions will be involved and affected by appointments based on their skills in important positions in the state apparatus.